18 May 2020

Edge Computing Architecture Design

Edge Computing Architecture Design

A modern communication network must respond to practical needs of efficient communication and rational management of data which, when aggregated and correctly processed, become useful information. Hence the need for edge computing functions, intended as decentralized processing and equipped for mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies: data is processed by devices directly in the field before being transmitted to the data centre.

This process allows you to optimize the transfer of information that is processed locally before being sent with much higher usability to the highest IT levels.

In this way, large volumes of data are effectively managed by reducing the use of Internet bandwidth, eliminating unnecessary costs and ensuring effective use of IT applications. In addition, the ability to process data locally allows you to choose whether to send information to the cloud or to local or remote IT servers without exposing all the variables that generated this information and thus reducing risk factors and improper disclosure.

ISAXIS assists its customers in defining the architecture of the IoT platform, the architecture of edge computing, the data lake and the components for Machine Learning / Deep Learning, using auxiliary solutions and technologies to define, develop, train, implement and manage centrally edge computing capabilities, with the aim of ensuring unprecedented and advanced analytical functions in the technological landscape of the near future.

ISAXIS has already defined a series of reference technologies for edge data gateways and embedded systems and is able to support its customers in the selection of adequate hardware resources for communication, calculation and storage, according to the current and future edge computing scenarios, relevant to your business processes. We will also look for the best performing hardware solution on the market for your specific needs.