8 March 2021

Scotty EN

WIDEVERSE srls and ISAXIS SRL sign a partnership for the integration of their software for industrial maintenance.

WIDEVERSE and ISAXIS sign a collaboration agreement in order to integrate their platforms for the management of industrial processes: Scotty.Expert and SYNABOX®.

WIDEVERSE is an innovative spin-off start-up of the Politecnico di Bari specialised in the development of products and technological solutions for industry 4.0 based on augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Scotty.Expert is the flagship product of WIDEVERSE, the tool for managing industrial operating procedures in augmented reality that also allows remote expert support.

ISAXIS SPA carries out its business in the Internet of Things sector. It provides design, development, production, maintenance, assistance and marketing services for hardware and software platforms. SYNABOX® is the Industrial IoT platform for the management of industrial plants and machineries. It provides a new and powerful vision of industrial processes, customizable, scalable, safe and in perfect harmony with the requirements of Industry 4.0.

The signing of the collaboration agreement between ISAXIS SPA, a leader in the Information Technology sector, and the innovative WIDEVERSE is aimed at integrating the services of both SYNABOX® and Scotty.Expert. From SYNABOX® it is possible to access the procedures and experience of a remote tutor in augmented reality for the management of anomalies and ordinary, extraordinary and predictive maintenance, while on Scotty.Expert it is possible to view in real time the data coming from SYNABOX® during the observation of a machine that needs maintainance.SPA

Press enquiries:

Michelantonio Trizio (Founder & CTO)
Mariaclaudia Carella (Marketing & Communication)
Luigi Innocenzi (Founder & CEO)
Valerio Marchetti (Project Manager)
Sauro Pigini (Project Manager)
Arianna Innocenzi (Marketing & Communication)

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