18 May 2020

Web Development

Web Development

Use web-based application provides the ability to work anywhere, without the need to install software or add-ons, with the advantage of greater speed of execution.

We create web applications that can be used from any platform and fully integrated with any software or website. The benefits of a web-based compared to a “classic” software, are mainly the following:

  • Platform independence: the use of the application is not dependent on the operating system with which you log on (Windows, Mac, Linux, or mobile systems)
  • Immediacy of access: you do not need to download and / or install any software but simply login via username and password
  • Updates: the evolutionary application releases are centralized and are immediately available for each user, without the need for additional installations or upgrades
  • Centrality of the data: the database resides on a server accessible with a standard internet access; the data is then simply accessible from a browser, even mobile (tablet or smartphone)
  • Scalability: To add a user, you create a new user, without performing new installations.
  • Safety: as the data are located on an external server, you do not risk that any viruses present on the client might jeopardize the database
  • Savings: lower deployment costs, maintenance and, above all, infastrutturali

Web professionals and planning will start on your needs and on your goals for the realization of innovative, flexible and technology-based web applications, with the aim to improve and automate business processes to simplify management of your company. The developed web applications and proposals from ISAXIS are directly managed by the client, who can always count on the support of the experts who have designed.